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Hillcrest Edufarm serves the community by offering a loving, caring, educational service of high standard as a day care and pre-school center which goes up to Grade R. It is situated at 6 Loop Rd, Hillcrest and caters in the Afrikaans and English language medium. We have a homely atmosphere with lots of love and numerous indoor and outdoor activities. Classrooms and playgrounds are spacious. Here children can still be children that run, play, climb and even experience a sky chair or super tube ride. It is a center where children can learn to observe, understand and appreciate life as presented in nature. The farm atmosphere and picturesque setting of the facility lends itself to interaction with birds and smaller animals, to gardening projects and mini “trails” where under supervision children can explore the wonders of nature; thus developing the hand, heart and the head.

The Duckling class: 4 - 24 months with Teacher Michelle and one assistant
The Bunny class: 2 – 3 ½ years with Teacher Allison and assistant.
The Budgie class: 3 ½ – 4 ½ years with teacher Berniece and one assistant.
The Pony class: 4 ½ – 6 years (Grade RR & R) with teacher Irein and one assistant.
Aftercare: with Jeanette (Nanna).
Administration: Jeanette (Principal), and Irein (Deputy Principal)

TIMES: 6.45am - 12.30pm for half day or 6.45am - 17.15pm for full day. (also ¾ day rates)

MEALS: Nutritiously plant based meals and afternoon snack

SIESTA: Between 12:45pm - 2.45pm.

SCHOOL YEAR:School closes 13th December 2019 opens 13th January 2020. Midyear holiday is from 29th June – 3rd July 2020. School stays open for all other school holidays. Holiday care from 6-10 January 2020 is possible at additional cost if there is a big enough interest.

CURRICULUM: As guideline we use the KZN Grade R curriculum and adapt it according to age. Being a Christian based school we incorporate many Bible stories and moral lessons as well as nature studies. Our program integrates all the required pre-school learning skills and maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. The language of learning is both in Afrikaans and English. Excursions are conducted from time to time enhancing the learning experience related to particular educational themes.

EXTRAMURALS: Playball and Ballet at additional cost.


Jeanette served on the School Board and as volunteer staff member at Nimitz Dr Nursery School, Purdue University, USA from 1983 to 1985. On returning to South Africa with a strong desire to implement the acquired knowledge of "natural education", the Potch Kleuterplaas/EduFarm and Day Care Centre opened its doors in January 1989 and continued after the Smit family relocated to KZN. With the love for children and many years of experience we have serviced the Hillcrest community since 2012.

Irein Smit holds a B.Ed degree in pre-school and foundation phase education (graduated with distinction from the UOFS in 2009) and B.Ed Hon in educational Support (UOFS,2014). She joined Hillcrest EduFarm in March 2013 as Grade R teacher.

Bernice Kassier has many years of experience in child care. She has a Montessori diploma in Home Studies but also teaches the conventional way. She has a dedicated, loving and caring soft nature and has been at Hillcrest Edufarm since July 2015.

Allison Van Der Merwe has 20 years of experience at Birches Pre-primary and assumed a position with us as from 1 Aug 2019. She has a National Higher Certificate from the dept of Education in Child Care.

Michelle Nel started with us in the Duckling class as from March 2019 and is doing a fabulous work nurturing and teaching little minds. She is currently studying towards her ECD degree.

Yours for holistic, quality, loving and understanding child care and education.

(updated 1 August 2019)